What Does Your Soul Seek of You?

Written by Linda Furiate, Astrologer, Addictions Coach, Healthy Habits Guru

The dance between the Sun and Moon each month represents a cyclic relationship that refers to the very spirit of life itself. The Moon moves about the Earth reflecting the light of the Sun, as the Moon itself has no light of its own. If we think in terms of metaphor the Moon’s reflection of this sunlight in essence is our (nature) consciousness and awareness of who we are, it affects our psyche and our emotions. The New Moon (Sun-Moon conjunction) is associated with beginnings – a fresh start, whereas the Full Moon (Sun-Moon opposition) is a time of maturity, fertility and growth offering us the opportunity to reflect upon our own being.

As we peek at the night sky we often we are drawn to the energy of the Moon. We see it completely alive at the Full Moon, barely noticeable at the New and then twice a month we experience the half Moon in its 1st or 3rd quarter phase. In order to understand our nature to the cosmic whole at a deeper level the solar-lunar phase is further divided using the midpoints of each of these four phases offering us a total of ‘eight stages of being’.

Below is a brief analysis on how our nature and consciousness may be affected between the ever changing movement of the Sun and Moon which was instilled in all of us at birth (each phase last approx. 3 ½ days per month then repeats). By understanding our Sun-Moon relationship it may offer us clues into our own nature and how we handle our life. For example Christopher Reeve was born during a Crescent phase; Michael J Fox a 3rd quarter; Michael Jackson a full moon phase.

New Moon – The Sun and Moon are together, the Moon is not visible. It is like the seedling beneath the earth recently impregnated into the soil. Born into this phase the life is impulsive awaiting to emerge. One is eager to birth new ideas with a strong sense of personal and subjective enthusiasm.

Crescent Moon – The seedling has broken ground, the first sliver of moonlight is seen in the night sky. Instinctively one is drawn toward action, expansion and literally breaking new ground. The theme of life is about breaking free from past (family/karmic) conditioning in order for new growth to continue, with a strong need to assert one’s self through much intense struggle.

1st Quarter – The Moon is growing and now half lite in the night sky; there is a polarity or balance between light and darkness where one’s life may be torn between the two. There is a strong need to be expressive often creating one crisis after another due to moving about instinctively relying on past emotional experience, rather than clearing the way for new, more conscious energy.

Gibbous – Conscious development is well underway. The seedling is now well rooted, with full growth nicely defined. With this Sun-Moon phase a person is constantly questioning and analyzing life, like the plants wonderment toward survival. Through continued consciousness one is tenacious and accepting, learning to focus outside of oneself for development. Strongly detailed and efficiency oriented this person has a strong need to contribute to society.

Full Moon – The Moon is fully illuminated reflecting about 7% of the Sun’s intense light and capacity. Here the Sun and Moon are in opposition fully aware of each other’s presence in all their glory and perfection. Relatedness to another tends to be a constant theme with a strong desire to pull away from that which is deemed less than idyllic. Subjectivity and objectivity seek great balance in action toward the fulfillment and realization of our desires in others.

Disseminating – The Moon begins to lose its fullness yet lingers in brightness. Our consciousness has something of greatness still to share. Those born of this Sun-Moon phase are born communicators, find meaning in expressing their multiple ideas far and wide to all those who will listen. Their knowledge, truth, wisdom and beliefs are tools used to inspire and share with others.

3rd Quarter – The Moon again is half lite as it descends toward renewal. This phase of the solar-lunar dance is experienced as a time of reorientation and revision in order to realign with the new. Our energy begins its inward reflection and one may appear quite difficult to get to know emotionally. The desire for change is strong lending toward an inner frustration that one is unwilling to express. Life is asking one to reflect more deeply before reacting or pre-acting.

Balsamic – Once again only a sliver of Moon remains in the evening sky. The Moon has shed its brilliant light releasing unto itself. Our consciousness now becomes future oriented. The balsamic phase of the Sun-Moon dance of life is equated to that of the dormancy of winter. While there may appear to be stillness, bareness and emptiness the ground is now fertile to plant new seeds settling into the soil while implanting deep into our consciousness something new beyond ourselves. Those born into this phase feel a special sense of destiny as though it is up to them to herald in the future with their instinct of all-knowing. They are the prophets and the believers in fate and faith, and that through the process of release, true transformation may once again manifest.

To find your birth Sun-Moon phase you must know your date, place and time of birth. Email Linda at LMFuriate@gmail.com for your SU-MO Phase.


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