Confused on What Film to Watch this Oscar Season? Here’s the Breakdown.

With the Oscars coming up on Sunday, March 27, 2022, I thought I would share my thoughts on what type of film you might be interested in based on your Sun sign (this can apply to Moon/Rising sign too). I am also sharing an article written by Julianna Mitchell @hercampus where she quoted me. She does a great job matching up the right movie with each zodiac sign! Check it out.

Aries likes action and adventure. They want to see the hero come alive and fight for what he or she believes in. Bloodshed and bullets intrigue this warrior type.

Taurus prefer a movie based on reality, no BS (bullshit) for them. Taurus is more prone to see a film if they sense it will be a box-office success, otherwise they are not going to waste their money or time.

Gemini will watch anything as long as they have a buddy to talk to about the film. If someone has the ‘pleasure’ of watching that film with the Gemini be prepared for lots of questions and conversation before, during and after the movie.

Cancer likes holiday movies about family whether they are funny, adventurous, or thrilling. Cancer loves to see the dysfunction that runs through the family lineage to help ease their own insecurities of not fitting in to the norms of society.

Leo is all about love and fun, only a romantic comedy with do. Leo wants to be purely entertained. A good Leo will also pretend to cast themselves into the lead role.

Virgo wants a great ‘takeaway’ from the film. The movie must serve a purpose and have a strong message. Otherwise, Virgo may prefer to stay home to catch up on chores or engage the mind in a more useful fashion.

Libra – Like Leo, Libra loves a good romantic movie. Although Libra is looking for a more practical connection between lovers, one that represents equality and will stand the test of time – to a Libra, this is the truth of pure love.

Scorpio – anything rated “R’ will satisfy a Scorpio. Scorpio loves a movie that is highly sexual, filled with powerful drama and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Sagittarius wants a beautifully written storyline that will make them think and feel beyond the ordinary of life. Sag wants to see a movie that will make an impact and allow them to reach into the far corners of their boundless thinking mind. They want to be ‘wowed’.

Capricorn prefers to watch a drama that evolves around society and the corporate world. The film must be based on reality even if that entails power, control, and corporate greed.

Aquarius is all about science fiction. The deeper into the mind or space a film may travel will allow the Aquarian to reach into the endless depths of the universe. Aquarius prefers to watch a movie that will broaden and acknowledge their vast intelligence.

Pisces loves the imagination and creativity of animation where everyone in the film can live happily ever after. They seek to fulfill an inner fantasy to know that there is good in everyone. No one can really die in animation.

Check out the Julianna Mitchell article at HerCampus for more insight.

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Guided By the Lights

Guided By the Lights Written by Linda Furiate

First Posted For the NSTA Newsletter – June 2012 Edition

I first developed cervical dystonia after a whiplash sustained from two separate car accidents (neither being my fault). Within weeks of the second accident I began having uncontrollable head and neck movement. That was nearly 17 years ago. Needless to say I have learned a lot about dystonia over the years and more importantly I have learned an even greater deal about myself. My hope is to be able to express my thoughts in a way that will guide you on your journey toward self-discovery and come to terms with the fact that cervical dystonia is a part of our being, although we do not have to continue to suffer from symptoms.

Never once (well maybe once or twice) have I questioned “why me” – why did I get dystonia? However, from a perspective of healing I have often asked “why this” – what is it about my internal psychology and physical anatomy that permitted me to develop such strange symptoms?

In the early days of CD I read so many self-help books and medical texts trying to figure out how I was going to rid my body of cervical dystonia. It wasn’t until I learned that the word dystonia actually means “abnormal muscle tone” when I then realized none of those books were going to provide me with answers. I began looking at my body as individual and unique – if I was going to improve my muscle tone then I had to attack cervical dystonia with the same mindset as one who was trying to lose weight in that I had to consciously put forth the proper healing modality that was right for my body. In 1998 I developed an exercise regimen that kept me symptom free for nearly six years.

A few years earlier, I was re-introduced to Astrology –and not just horoscopes that you read in your local newspaper. Astrology is defined as a metaphoric language that is used as an interpretive tool to understand planetary energies and how the elemental energy of fire, earth, air and water has a bearing on the individual personality. The Myers Briggs is based on this similar elemental assessment. Centuries ago it was commonplace for all medical doctors to practice astrology when treating patients.

After careful review, research and extensive delineation on how the language of astrology had an influence on my being I literally found my cervical dystonia in my natal/birth chart (this is obtained by knowing the date, place and time of birth). Understanding my chart and by assessing what was going on in my life at the onset of symptoms has helped me a great deal in living with such a horrendous, painstaking and frustrating condition.

What I have found for myself is that cervical dystonia is both a physical ailment and an emotional condition that affects self-worth. One must ask – what came first the cervical dystonia or the issues with self-worth?

In astrology the planet Venus rules the neck region and muscle tone. Venus is also the planet that is associated with love, money, things we attract and those things that bring us happiness – all of which has an impact on our self-worth and what we value. When Venus and the two zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra (both ruled by Venus) are emphasized with challenges we may have difficulty obtaining the things in life that brings us joy. Often times when we feel as though the Universe is not responding to our needs and desires, this may lead to a sense of depression or worthlessness. Even worse, by not being able to build a life that we dream of, the disharmony may play out as some form of physical trauma or illness.

Further analysis of my chart was also given to the planet Mars which is said to rule the head and the strength and health of our muscles. The planet Saturn has a bearing on our bones, teeth and skeletal systems. Weight was also given to Mercury which rules our mind/mental capacity and along with Uranus, has bearing on our central nervous system. The Moon in astrology rules our emotional security and how we feel. Are we the worrier or do we tend to bury our head in the sand when times get tough? The Moon will indicate how we emotionally deal with life issues. If we do not deal with our emotions of anger, worry, guilt, jealousy and loathing this may surface as distress in the body.

In those early days of education as I took my astrology chart apart piece by piece studying all of the planets, I felt as though I was able to get more deeply into my soul while gaining the clarity I needed to understand “why this, why dystonia?”. By no means am I saying the astrology itself has any curative effect on cervical dystonia. However, astrology has helped me to understand my hopes, desires and personality traits that allow me to live with this condition and create therapeutic tools to heal on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

About Linda Furiate – she works as a professional astrologer and has been involved with astrology since 1990. She lives in Columbia, Maryland where she also maintains a small marketing and administrative business. She may be reached through her website

Linda Marie Furiate

Motivator/Mentor/Cryptologist of the Stars


Twitter/Insta: @lindafuriate

The Aquarian Future – What is Freedom?

By Linda Marie Furiate

I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s. When I think back there seemed to be a simplicity about life. You play, you learn, you respect your elders and as my generation reached an age of emancipation, we longed for our independence and autonomy from the bonds of our upbringing – soon thereafter realizing that being a grownup was kind of sucky. Although we longed for our freedom.

It was 1969, I recall hearing the song “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” blasting from the radio of a car driving by. I remember standing in my back yard which consisted of small patches of grass that abated an alley. About four or five houses away, a neighbor raised pigeons. I always found that to be peculiar as to why someone would want to cage an outside bird.

The house we lived in was a rented shack. The floors were rickety, the heat only filled half the house, yet the neighbors offered a comical warmth as I first learned of familial dysfunction. My father was a career Army guy who was shipped off to Korea during the war in Vietnam. He left behind my Mom and three young children. He picked this house because it was close to my uncle who could drive us places when needed. Otherwise, we found ourselves walking to school, to church and to the local food store. A year later, dad arrived safely back home, retired, and moved us into a beautiful home his father and some locals built while dad proudly served.

As I think back to the simplicity of life then, hearing the melody and lyrics from Let the Sunshine In – ‘when the moon is in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars…this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius’ – there is a realization that life is rarely simple or sustained from boundless freedom…there is always a sacrifice to pay.

In late 1970, Janis Joplin, psychedelic rocker and blues artist, released a new album, which included her version of the song “Me and Bobby McGee” originally written by Kris Kristofferson. A haunting, yet memorable line in the lyrics goes… “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”. To me, the song is about giving up everything you own for what you thought you loved, only for that love to fade into the ether, leaving you with the pain of your own soul and an emptiness that can never be filled. Interestingly, four days after Janis’ album was released, she died of a heroin overdose.

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius first entered our psyche in the mid 1960’s. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll dominated our culture. Children, teenagers, and young adults began to defile authority to seek their own sense of independence and freedom – a freedom from the bonds from what they believed may have denied them their individual right to a life of their choosing.

Illness, addiction, war, abandonment, poverty, hunger, and the outrage of Mother nature has come to overshadow our planet, permeating the psyche, that has led humanity toward an enormity of emptiness, hopelessness, and a fear of what is yet to come.

As society has clung on to the metaphoric or literal 29th degree of Pisces (by precession), many lost souls have prevailed in an endless sea of trauma and chaos. We have been thrown into the depths of Oneness in search of Individuality.

The only way to find yourself in a crowded room is to ‘act out’. Although if everyone chooses to ‘act out’, how is Individuality individualized?

Through Autonomy – through the ability to self-govern and toward the striving of self-sufficiency.

On December 21, 2020 at 1:21 pm EST, Jupiter and Saturn will meet at 0 degree of Aquarius – we may or hope to (theoretically) welcome in the Age of Aquarius (that will last for 2,000+ years), as humanity will take a giant leap into the future with the anticipation of leaving behind the chaos and sorrows of our yesteryears.

In late 1995 I was involved in a head on car accident. Although I walked away from the scene, within weeks of that sudden impact, which caused a whiplash injury to my neck, my upper body, neck, and shoulders began to twist uncontrollably. I was not able to keep my head still nor hold it up.

The uncontrollable movement and spasms in my neck caused my body to move in such a way that I could no longer sit, lay down, walk, or drive. It was nearly impossible to eat as my neck was so twisted – I was unable to get food to pass from my mouth into my body.

Caring for myself became insufferable.

I lived like this for years. I became reclusive. Friends vanished, jobs ended, life became a void filled with pain and anguish living in a twisted body that never stopped moving.

I was given the diagnosis of cervical dystonia – a condition that has no cure.

Living with dystonia, I often feel as though I have experienced quarantine for the past 25 years where I wandered into dark matter seeking to find the narrative of my soul.

In losing everything in my life, I gained a sense of freedom. I was no longer responsible for a job or any type of relationship commitment. My time became my own. I had to become completely responsible for me, my health, and my well-being. With no family around, or friends and no job to go to every day, I became autonomous. The only way to survive was through self-sufficiency. I still needed to pay the rent, and other bills.

This takes me back to Janis and that one line ‘freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose’. I had my freedom and I had nothing.

I have always said that the Universe can take everything away from me, however it ‘can’t take my spirit’. It is those feelings and beliefs at the very core of my soul that are mine and they will always be mine. Suddenly ‘nothing’ became ‘everything’.

Over the years I have learned to manage my symptoms to regain a functional life, although the dystonia remains – it is simply a reminder that as I strive to be free (of dystonia) it is my will and my strength to live honorably and autonomously, that offers me ‘my everything’.

In astrology the archetype of Aquarius is a fixed, air sign which is associated with individuality, liberation, karmic trauma and memory, universal intelligence, the exploration of science, technologies, innovation, the infinite mind, the ability to reason and the evolution of humanity. Aquarius is a freeing of the soul from the binds of the previous sign of earthy Capricorn – which is all about boundaries, responsibilities, limitation and following a guided path. Aquarius is about choosing to seek like-mind souls and unique, limitless experiences to carry us forward. Whereas in watery and emotional Pisces (the sign after Aquarius) it is perceived that we are All One – where there is no individuation or separation.

When Jupiter and Saturn align about every 20 years, we embrace a new concept of what defines the whole of society. Everything begins to change, from fashion to financials and from governmental structures to political agendas. As we migrate toward the mid 2020’s, Neptune, and Pluto, as each will change signs (into Aries and Aquarius, respectively), this will catapult society even faster into the discoveries of the unknown and toward a deeper understanding of why we exist. The theme will become ‘dark matter matters’ as we begin to illuminate the threads that bind the Infinite Universe and its endless sea of galaxies.

In Pisces, the Universe (Our God) has been asking, or more appropriately stated, ‘forcing us’ to let go of that which has Us clinging to flowing water. For the past 2,000 years we have lived in a geocentric reality, earth bound, all the while looking up to the heavens for guidance, as we bewilderingly sacrifice the soul. To me, this sounds painful and it has been – hence, the current state of the world.

We have come to trust and sense that ‘God’ has our back as we have blindly and faithfully created our karma within the Collective. We have savored the words of the righteous few to lead us toward salvation that has left Us drifting in an endless sea of muddled imagination and mayhem.

The days of the proclaimed Guru, Prophet and Savior will wither and dissipate into shame, while the science that governs nature ensures equality based upon physics, versus personal longing or pure desire.  

Freedom is earned through the deliverance of the soul to a higher source of Universal Intelligence. The further we can look beyond, or outside of ourselves, the more we may garner a profound, essential, inner awareness and joy.

We must lose it all to find our true essence and identity, both individually and Collectively.

As we move toward an Aquarian era throughout the next few decades, the perception of Ego and Self will dissolve. An awareness of ‘I am no better or worse than you’ may begin to filter into the Ethos as we align toward a more equitable perception of humanity. Wealth and personal value will no longer be just a measure of one’s bank account.

Those who rise above to guide humankind will be called to do so from a sense of Universal knowing, scientific intellect and a vision for the future of the planets – versus the emotional control, power, and manipulation of the earthly masses for personal gain (i.e., what is in it for me mindset). Karma (the result of our actions) derived from Intention will become instant. There will be no hiding from the truth of our reality.

This may sound daunting, although it does not have to be. As we learn to self-govern to become individually autonomous, we may each then be guided by our own inner light of universal truth to do our part to make the Earth (and ourselves) a more friendly, healthy, and inviting world to call home. The only way to preserve the goodness of humankind is through one mind at a time.

The intelligence of the universe is in constant creation of a world that lies in perfection. As we move into the future, human consciousness must synchronize with its own intelligent knowing, or forever be held in the chaotic past.

In nature, equality may only appear to last for a moment, yet our sense of freedom may reign forever. Freedom comes from within. Just as the transiting Moon attaches itself to the Sun each month losing its Light, that moment is temporary. It is often a time to go within and to feel our own emotion. As the Moon gently pulls away from the Sun to seek its own visibility, it grows in awareness to gain its own strength to become autonomous (and through time the cycle repeats). The key is, no matter the light of the Moon from an outer source, the Moon at its core is always the Moon.  

As the visionaries of the future launch us forward and take us to other orbiting rocks within our solar system, and as the mind transcends its current state of consciousness, it is then, when we arrive back into the lap of Mother Earth, we will be welcomed with the feeling that home is where we always wanted to belong.

Linda Marie’s Predictions (over the next 10-20 years):

The Story and Myth of Jesus Christ as an earth-bound savior will know its truth. Say goodbye to Christmas forever (not just in 2020). All denominations of religious (and cultish) followings and beliefs will dissolve or implode. In combination with the 2020 pandemic, the ending of ‘the holidays’ may be the precedence that transmutes the concept of consumerism/capitalism. The energy of the intelligent sky will once again dominate humanity’s joyful gatherings and celebrations.

Those nations that are unable to care for its own may see more natural disasters.

Population will shrink dramatically as more and more souls are born non-binary. The creation of new life will become more consciously calculated, than unconsciously spontaneous as it has been to date.

People will discover their truth to embrace the joy and happiness of their individual being (astrology will be embraced by all).

Embracing the last month in my 50’s.

September is Dystonia Awareness Month and Self Care Month

In late 1995 I was involved in a head on car accident. Although I walked away from the scene, within weeks of that sudden impact, which caused a whiplash injury to my neck, my upper body, neck and shoulders began to twist uncontrollably. I was not able to keep my head still nor hold it up. The uncontrollable movement and spasms in my neck caused my body to move in such a way that I could no longer sit, lay down, walk, drive or eat.

Caring for myself became nearly impossible.

I lived this for years. I became reclusive. Friends vanished, jobs ended, life became a void filled with pain and anguish living in a twisted body that never stopped moving.

I was given the diagnosis of cervical dystonia – a condition that has no cure.

During those early years of living with cervical dystonia, I researched, and I researched to learn the anatomy of the neck and upper body. Although dystonia is considered a neurological disorder that originates within the brain, I wanted to simplify the process of healing through the ability to ‘control my muscles’ versus attempting to ‘fix my brain’.

This mindset led me toward a selfcare ritual that I continue to practice daily. The result is an inner peace and to live in a body that I now fully embrace, even with continued symptoms of cervical dystonia.

Living in a body with dystonia is a challenge when one is incapable of stillness. The body will twist and contort which makes it nearly impossible to interact comfortably with another person. The physical embarrassment, the pain, the contorted facial expressions and inability to control the neck and head, even to speak and eat, will cause a person to want to hide and self-isolate.

The severe symptoms of dystonia took away my life. A selfcare practice brought back that which I most value in Me.

As part of my on-going recovery, which I liken to recovering from addiction, is a day to day, or moment by moment ritual. I find that it is one step at a time that keeps me on my path. Every day for the past 25 years I have devoted at least one to two hours of my day toward my own wellbeing and physical care. I utilize the rest of my waking hours to center my mind.

I still live with cervical dystonia; it has become a part of me. It is the part of me that drives my soul toward wholeness, excellence and gratitude.

I am proud of this photograph. To me it shows my strength and my inner core.

As I approach the age of 60 (October 17), I can honestly say I have no regrets treating my body, mind and soul with the love, kindness and selfcare needed to get through any given day.

Beauty and joy are the manifestation of sacrifice, motivated from within.

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I’d Like to Teach the World to Clean

Remember the song: I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (1972) from the original jingle “Buy the World a Coke”

Here’s my version: I’d Like to Teach the World to Clean (2020) – Sing along ….

I’d like to build a life again

And furnish it with stuff

Not grow my hair and feel despair

And fear the life I loved

I’d like to teach the world to clean just as well as me

We’d all be happy, healthy and Coronavirus free

I’d like to hold you in my arms

Not stand six feet apart

I’d like to see my friends again

All standing in my face

And hear their voices in my room

Not from a screen on Zoom

(That’s the song I hear)

I’d like to build a life again

And furnish it with stuff

Not grow my hair and feel despair

And fear the life I loved

I’d like to teach the world to clean

Just as well as me

We’d all be happy, healthy and

Coronavirus free

I’d like to teach the world to clean

Just as well as me

I’d like to teach the world to clean

Just as well as me


Repeat often, forward and share

© 2020 Lyrics by Linda


Closing in on Fear by Linda Furiate

Currently fear surrounds us all. Interestingly no matter where a person lives on planet Earth, each of us is impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus).

For the past 25 years I have studied planetary energy and how it affects human nature. Most of us are aware of our own selves and from time to time may even read our daily horoscope. What we experience when reading the horoscope is how the current planetary patterns affects a person’s Sun (birth) sign. Most people know their Sun sign. When someone asks us ‘what’s your sign?” (i.e. Gemini, Pisces, etc.) you are describing what tropical constellation the sun was traveling through at the time of your birth. All planets ‘have a sign’.

I am absolutely convinced that all planetary movement affects human nature. As the planets move through the sky, they behave or react according to the energy they are passing through. This energy is expressed metaphorically, symbolically or as an archetype.

There are 12 archetypes, just like there are 12 zodiac signs. These archetypes are expressed through the elements of fire, earth, air and water and each further express a modality of cardinal, fixed or mutable energies. As the planets pass through these archetypes (constellations/areas of the sky), our behaviors and personalities alter, change and/or are affected. We see this constant change played out in human nature as there are no two people exactly alike.

A personality (person) will feel more balance when/if each element and quality is more evenly expressed. Meaning to feel in harmony with all of nature it is important that the planets touch upon or express each element and modality.

Fire represents our inspiration and desire for growth. Earth energy allows us to foster our inspirations to manifest our desires through focused concentration. Air seeks connection to others in the form of communication, while water connects us emotionally to the depths of our soul, our past and our fears.

From our viewpoint the world around is a cycle, or circle of 360 degrees. Meaning that we convey the whole universe within us. As the planets move through the sky, certain energies are heightened, while other energies struggle to express themselves. At times, things may feel calm or we may sense total chaos. Thankfully through time (planetary movement), energy can stabilize and balance out.

How ever we want to look at it, as the planets move about, there is no perfect balance and just as importantly there is no wrong/bad planetary movement. It is what it is and there is nothing we can do the alter the movement of the planets. All we can do on any given day is to alter our mindset (consciousness) to live in harmony with the current energies.

As of today (3/18/20) the planets are lined up within less then 120 degrees of the sky. This means that 240 degrees or 2/3 of our existence is unable to easily express itself. Ironically, most of the globe is self-quarantined. Seven planets (70%) are in two of the earth signs, while three (30%) are in just one of the water signs. There are no planets in fire or air.

This may be interpreted as losing our voice (air) to express our desires (fire) while living in confinement (earth) in a state of utter confusion (Pisces/water). Earth energy is solid, making it feel as though there is no way to break through the barriers.

Things may tighten more intensely as new restrictions are announced on March 19, 21 and 23. On/around March 30-31, 2020 a breakthrough may be presented. Mother nature may have her way with a disruptive change (think earthquake) on April 7 which also coincides with a full moon. On April 3, Venus will move into air, while Mercury moves into fire on April 11. I wonder if this energy will result in a second virus or new problem to concern us all. At best, the new energy pattern will begin to ignite inspired insight and hopeful discoveries.

Let us hope that April 2020 will see our fears turn to hope as progress instills a sense of confidence. May and June could bring perceived setback resulting from solar and lunar eclipses (June 5, June 21, July 5), along with both Mercury and Venus motioning retrograde. By mid to end of July 2020, our new normal may stabilize to offer comfort and a sense of personal relief.

No doubt that 2020 will be remembered as the beginning of a new era on how society relates. Home schooling will be the norm, telework is here to stay, and a purposeful internet driven society will emerge.

Old structures will be removed; governments/political leaders will find a way to work together for the common welfare of the people; boundaries will be determined and respected. The youth of our society must learn to respect the knowledge of our elders if true peace is to exist and coincide.

Life may be more family driven; less brick and mortar structures could drive down the cost of education and other material goods, all the while aid in the nurturance of our planet and environment.

Although now many of us may be filled with fear, feel confused, trapped, speechless or without say – God/the Universe/Spirit has a plan AND a good one!

Now is certainly not a time to allow fear to reign. It is best to appreciate the current climate as a time to go within, search your truth, let go of what no longer serves you, eliminate waste, sterilize your environment (physically and emotionally), rebuild trust in self and society and respect the fact that God has a plan to sustain humanity.

As a caveat – be mindful of bashing any leadership. Instead be thankful that there are many talented people who are willing to step up (when we are not) to serve as a voice to (hopefully) protect Us all. Those who need to leave will be filtered out.

To God/the Universe there is only one face/one race. There has never been another time in the history of all of humanity where the thread of fear has run so deep, yet at the same time society has the power, knowledge and tools to address and abate any long-term destruction. Allow for the removal, replacement and the rebuilding toward a more sustainable humanity.

Key phases to address fear: act responsibly, remove outdated systems, restructure daily life, work within limitation and rebuild a life that works for you within a societal system.

Negative karma results from poorly thought out (unconscious) actions. Use this time to invest in an enriched you.


Libra Full Moon October 2019 by Linda Furiate

The full moon will happen on October 13, 2019 at 5:08 pm EDT. The Sun will be in the sign of Libra at 20 degrees 14 minutes of longitude. The Moon will be at its fullest in the sign of Aries, exactly opposite the Sun. On this same day Jupiter and Pluto will make it known who is in charge.

Typically, a full moon is about an awareness of our inner self and how we relate to another. The Sun will cast its beam onto the Moon to show the Moon’s shadow side in all its glory.

On this day is it best:

  • To think before you impulsively react
  • To consider the long-term consequences of wild behavior
  • Speak your truth with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Decide that it may be more important to inspire others with your wisdom and insight than to overpower them with anger.
  • Allow your relationships to teach you how to play nice so everyone wins.

You may NOT want to:

  • Over-react with anger
  • Try to control the outcome of a heated encounter with another
  • Use an outside source to get your way
  • Allow yourself to be walked on or abused because your soul intention is to just please your partner

I do hope you can get out to enjoy the night sky to see the Moon in all its glory.

20 Tips to Effectively Move Through Cervical Dystonia

By Linda Furiate – Writer, Mentor, dystonia advocate and former support group leader & TV show host.

Tip #1 of 20: Breathe – breathe into the spasms. Your breath may be deep or shallow depending on the severity of the movement. Breathe – i.e. oxygen is needed to fuel the muscles to bring them back into balance.

Tip #2 of 20: Relax your mind! To do this, close your eyes and follow your breath. Vary the pattern of your breathing to give the mind something (mindless) to focus on.

Tip #3 of 20: Stand facing a wall or flat surface. Gently allow your head/forehead to touch the wall – much like a sensory trick. Focus on your breath/breathing to relax the mind and body. Do this for as long or as often as you like. This is preferred to lying down all the time. This is one of my favorites. I used this technique quite often early one when my neck was at its worst. As a metaphor, I think of it as allowing me ‘to stand strong and to be supported’.

Tip #4 of 20: Change or alter your belief system to know that you are the One most responsible for healing (and relaxing) your neck/body. Reclaim your power!

In the early days of my CD I recall seeing my neurologist. I was a twisted mess and could not even sit up in the chair as he examined me. He said I was one of the worst cases of CD he had ever seen. The Botox he had injected in me, wasn’t helping and I was adamant on not taking any oral meds. He said there ‘was nothing else he could do to help me’. 20 years ago alternative methods were barely known. I left his office is a state of frustration and anger. When I got home I realized at that moment, it was up to me to find a solution that empowered and healed Me! This was the beginning of a brand-new journey. I decided to no longer be the victim of circumstance and to stand up to my new normal. Any treatment for my neck would be what I determined was best for me and not ‘just what was standard protocol’. That was the moment I got my life back.

Tip #5 of 20: Tuck in your chin at all time – this helps to ease the SCM muscles and to keep the head from turning. It also takes the pressure off the back of the neck. Do not force the chin tuck. Simply relax as you follow tips 1-3.

I feel that doing the chin tuck has been the most influential movement that has allowed me to achieve the most control over my head turning. Tomorrow I share my full neck exercise regimen.

Tip #6 of 20: Spend at least 20 minutes of your day doing exercises that will relax and tone the neck muscles. I personally spend most of my day focused on suggestions that are spelled out in my STEP booklet. To request a free copy of my STEP exercise program, PM or email me at

A few suggestions included in the STEP booklet are:

Focus on your correct body posture whether you are sitting, standing, walking or lying down.

While you are in chin tuck, drop the shoulders to further relax the upper body and neck.

Sleep mainly on your back without a pillow under your head. Use a soft pillow under your legs to take the pressure off your lower back. I also suggest a pillow on either side of your head to keep it straight – plus this works as a sensory trick.

Tuck the chin while in a lying position. Gently separate your upper teeth from your lower teeth, this will take pressure off your neck and jaw.

Focus on relaxing the eyes, as the eyes and the neck use the same muscle groups.

Be mindful that recovery take time and practice before you may be able to achieve results. It took me many months to a year to see any improvement. The key is repetitive practice. Don’t give up on yourself.

Tip #7 of 20: Practice gratitude in all aspects of your life – even for your dystonia. Be grateful for the smallest of accomplishments. I end each day recounting 10 things that I am grateful for.

Years ago, I attended a dystonia support group meeting. I recall one of the participants painfully describing with bitter hatred for how much she despised her neck due to her CD. She called it evil and somehow conveyed how she was possessed and cursed. The way she spoke, I felt as if some evil spirit was about to take over the room. I was so saddened for this woman, well knowing that her lack of acceptance and gratitude may have been a major obstacle toward her healing.

As we all know it is a challenge to live with CD, however, there is always something throughout our day to be thankful for.

Feel free to share one thing that you are thankful for today.

Today I am grateful to be able to spend my day helping my friend who is totally blind. She has a day full of meetings to help other blind people. I am grateful to have my vision that allows me to help others.

Tip #8 of 20: For pain associated with CD, consider a magnesium bath salt or spray. Use the salts on the neck in the bathtub and/or in the shower. I recommend using the magnesium spray before bedtime. This may provide you with an excellent night’s sleep.

I have found that practicing the techniques in the STEP program (tip #6) has help with my pain. For me any pain with my neck typically is related too much (abnormal) movement.

I do not sell any products although I am happy to share a link to the products that I personally use.

Tip #9 of 20: Feel free to try multiple forms of alternative healing such as PT, yoga, message, acupuncture etc. however ONLY try one at a time. The reason is you will want to know what is working best for you. Each modality may or may not show benefit depending on your body and frame of mind.

I would recommend that you also use in conjunction of any alternative treatment (or toxins) something like my STEP program, the clinic in New Mexico or Dr. Farias’ work.

Please share your thoughts on what alternative modalities have worked well for you (that does not include oral meds).

Tip #10 of 20: Follow the rule: Less is More. Stay active, walk, work out (gently), maintain your normal desires – yet keep things simple and know when to stop.

Tip #11 of 20: Do not give up! Allow yourself adequate time to heal. It often takes several months or even a year or two to find the right treatment to regain a more normal existence. Learn to accept each level of stillness as a step in the right direction yet allow for a setback. Life is a series of ebb and flows as we reach our goals. It may be in our setbacks that allows us to embark upon a new treatment option or thoughts that enhances our journey.

I always say ‘if you feel like you are at the end of your rope, start swinging. You never know how much momentum you can build up that will allow you to take an even bigger leap of faith’.

Japanese proverbs:

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

“Even monkeys fall from trees.”

What is your motto in life?

Tip #12 of 20: Most of our limitations begin in the mind. Set future goals – these may be personal, professional and physical. Work toward your desires at your own pace.

I remember early on in my CD recovery. My sister asked me to be in her wedding. I was terrified to walk down the aisle with CD. I accepted her request with the mindset that I would have the physical ability to do so. With this determination plus endless hours of research and practicing techniques to help control my neck muscles, I was able to accomplish my intention and desire. I continue to use this same belief that I can accomplish anything I set my mind too.

If I really want something bad enough, CD will not get in my way. I am realistic and selective on what I choose to accomplish.

Tip #13 of 20: Reach out to a friend or family member to help them. Or help someone else in need. I work with people who are blind or have other physical limitations.

Accept that all human beings experience a level of pain and suffrage. Aid in their needs as a tool to your own emotional healing. The Universe will always give back to us in some form. Keep the circle of giving and receiving in motion.

I realize most of us need or would like help and support from non-CD people. I find that when I take the focus off me, it allows me to momentarily forget about my neck.

See who you can help today, even if it’s a simple phone call to check in on someone. You will make their day.

Tip #14 of 20: Learn to be proud of your uniqueness. There is power in numbers – make friends and socialize with others who have CD. Exchange positive and insightful thoughts. We all get what you are going through.

Allow yourself to laugh – even at yourself. I know I can look silly some days with my ‘funny’ movements. People will ask me all the time ‘did you want to say something’ (because my mouth or neck would be all twisty and moving). I’m like ‘nope, it’s just my dystonia’. They may have no clue what dystonia is, however, it makes me feel better because my ‘uniqueness’ has a name.

Tip #15 of 20: Be mindful of your own thoughts and feelings about life with dystonia. It is not your business to decide what others (family/friends/strangers) think about you or your abilities. You may encounter people who will pity you, want to save you, may discard you or simply love you.

I have found that by living up to who I am, and my abilities is when I am excepted the most.

I will let others know that I have dystonia. I feel it is important to inform people I know or meet that I have CD, especially if they see me struggling. However, it is not my job to educate them. I am as ordinary as they are, I just so happen to have a ‘twist to me’ that I cannot always control.

I love it when people ask me questions about dystonia and how it affects my life. This shows me that they have an interest in Me. Others may simply not know what to say or do. That is okay.

Tip #16 of 20: Invest in a high-quality comfortable mattress. This should include bedding/sheets that offer you a cozy feel.

If you tend to toss and turn at night and wake up sore in the morning, this is a prime indicator that you may need a new mattress. The right mattress should allow you to fall asleep within 20 minutes while preferably lying on your back (this is easier for those who do not spasm as much while lying down).

A less expensive alternative to purchasing a mattress is a memory-foam topper for your current bed.

Shop wisely. Invest in your health. Invite a friend and spend the day testing out mattresses.

Tip #17 of 20: Plan your time, plan your day, plan your life. Feel as if you can live and function with the dystonia. When the mind is occupied the body is more at ease. Wondrous things may then happen.

Plan a small event or outing, something you enjoy doing or need to do. You may amaze yourself with how great of a day you will have, physically and emotionally. Often when we take the focus of the dystonia and place it on something more meaningful, we may be blessed with a great day! Remember it is the little things in life that account for the most. Something as simple as making the bed for the day may offer a sense of accomplishment.

In my early days of CD, I remember needing to choose between shopping for food or cooking for myself as I did not have to stamina for both. I learned to schedule out my time with small tasks that allowed me to pace myself for what I needed to get done. I am thankful now I can plan my time, and pace myself days and weeks in advance.

I highly recommend that my STEP program or something similar is included in your daily plan. The only way to recover (ease the symptoms) from CD is by practice, practice, practice.

Tip #18 of 20: This is a controversial tip. I chose to not use any oral medications to help with my CD. I did try a few muscle relaxants for a couple of days early on as my doctor insisted on it (and to test this theory). I found that when my body experienced the sense of relaxation while on the drug, I felt a little better, however when the drug wore off for the day/time frame the dystonia would become more aggressive. I realized that I did not want to engage in this ‘instant gratification’ mindset and that I would apply the principles that are spelled out in my STEP program if I was to experience ‘recovery (ease) from symptoms’ versus ‘a covering of symptoms’.

This was an extremely difficult and challenging way of thinking. However, my focus was on long term results and not my immediate need. I would equate this to taking one step at a time as I worked toward my goal. Image if your desire is to become a professional dancer or sought-after public speaker. It is important to avoid those things in our path that do not serve our intention.

Personally, I tend to stay away from any substance that may have the ability to alter my brain or central nervous system as these substances adversely affected my long-term healing. This includes (but not limited to) oral meds typically prescribed for CD, alcohol, marijuana, CBD, B-Vitamins. Listen to your body and feel free to experiment to see how oral substances affect your short and long-term recovery. For some/many of you these substances have be useful, for others this may not be the case.

It takes a brave soul to go oral med-free. Experiment for yourself to see what is best. There is no wrong answer, I am just sharing my experience.

Tip #19 of 20: Seek and practice a system of Faith that resonates well with you. This may be a religion, a spiritual discipline or other form of connection. Become part of a community or two (or more) that is accepting of All.

This may be as simple as reading self-help books, spiritual books – even Tom Seaman’s Navigating Dystonia book, a 12-step program or take (free) webinars and online classes on spiritually and healing – engage in something outside of yourself that may offer you a sense of well-being and hope.

I am a firm believer that it is my strong faith and beliefs that allows me to handle any challenge that may be presented as I work through this lifetime.

OM! Namaste!

Tip #20 of 20: Dig deeper into your personality to understand what makes you “You”. This is my favorite tip as it helps to create a sacred space within self and to show you that it’s okay to “be you”.

I often hear that many of us have lost our old selves – the who we were before CD. Many of us wish to reclaim the person we once were.

I like to think in terms of making that older version of myself even better, although, initially we must understand our energy. It is important to recognize who we were so that we can develop the who we hope to become.

For fun (or seriously) take a Myers Briggs test, study your Enneagram, have your birth chart (astrology) interpreted, learn your Numerology, work with a self-help professional or have a past life reading. There are numerous options. All of these can offer insight that may lead to more self-awareness.

Cervical dystonia is a form of trauma that may affect us both physically and emotionally, no matter how the dystonia originated. My curiosity has always been in the ‘why – why this?’ (not the why me?).

I believe the process of healing is a delicate blend of the physical, spiritual and emotional.

Living with CD is not easy. I am thankful that I have learned so much about myself and my purpose over the past 23 years since developing CD. I work very hard to make myself a better version of me. It gives me great peace and comfort to know how CD has been part of the bigger plan for my life! I do not think I could do the ‘real me’ without the experience of cervical dystonia and digging deeper into my Soul. Dystonia has led me down a path to find my Truth.

Thank you all for sticking with me and reading these 20 tips. I could have a 1000 more to help us get through the day.